Is Couples Counselling the right thing for us…?

Over the last year many of us have felt the strain on our relationships of spending far more time with our partners than we normally would. The stress factors in our relationships are magnified and we can end up wondering how we are still together.

If you are wondering what couples counselling is and what it isn’t, let’s have a look…

Couples counselling is: a chance to discover reconnection with your partner.

How would that look?

Working on communication skills, using tools to help listening and letting your partner that you’ve understood them. We all like to think we are good at listening; but when was the last time you both put down your phones, weren’t sending emails or talking to the kids at the same time! We all do it.

When was the last time you thought about what attracted you to your partner? What was it like when you met? What did you appreciate about them?

Does your partner know how you feel most loved? It’s amazing how often we are trying to show love to our other half but they can’t feel it because it’s not connecting with them.

Couples counselling is: a place where both partners can be heard

How would that happen?

Part of my role as a counsellor is to make sure both partners story can be heard, whatever has happened. This can be a very uncomfortable experience, but it can help issues to come to the surface that have been the elephant in the room for a long time.

Couples counselling is: a space to work out how the past is affecting your life together in the present

What are the benefits of this?

When we understand our partners early life and relationships (and our own) it can help us to be compassionate towards our partners and equally importantly ourselves.

Couples Counselling isn’t….

A place with a magic fix; counselling is a team effort, and it can be really hard work at times. When I work with a couple we work as a team, working on the goals we have established as we begin counselling with regular reviews.

Sometimes couples reach the decision that they want to end the relationship and counselling can help a couple in this position to keep the lines of communication open during this really hard time.

Committing to Couples Counselling can be the first step to a new stage in your life together.

What’s the next step?

I offer a free initial conversation on Zoom; it’s a good chance to tell me more about the issues you are struggling with as a couple also to meet me and find out more about what it would be like to work together.

You can use my contact form or email me on Or you can call me on 07732 501663.


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