Just because we are the way we are now, doesn't mean we always need to be this way.

Counselling in Horsforth, Leeds

I help people to enjoy their everyday life more and learn how to make improvements to their mental health.

We do this by beginning to understand why we are the way that we are. Once we understand them, our brains can always change.

In Person

A space away from home where you can talk. A safe, comfy and secure environment which helps to put you at ease.

Phone and Zoom

More flexibility, with no travelling involved. Being in a familiar surrounding helps some people to feel more relaxed.

Getting Started

A free 30 minute session over the phone or on Zoom. A chance for you to make sure I am the right counsellor for you.

How I can help

For some people, counselling is simply a safe space to discuss how you're feeling. Special time in your week, a moment to stop and care for yourself.

Others may know that they are suffering with conditions like anxiety, panic attacks or depression. Some come to counselling because they are struggling to cope with something that's happened.

These are all normal. Whatever you arrive carrying, we'll work together to improve your enjoyment of life.

Counselling may help with...


domestic abuse
self confidence

difficulties at work
eating issues
compulsive behaviours

Client testimonials:

"I didn't know exactly what to expect from counselling but it's made a big difference to my quality of life. I trust Beth completely and look forward to speaking every week. I was surprised by how simple the steps were to start feeling better."


Cookridge Counselling Address (Weds & Thu):
8 Tinshill Lane
Leeds LS16 7AP

Headingley Counselling Address (Fri & Sat):
1 Cottage Road
Headingley, Leeds

About Beth

I am a counsellor and psychotherapist based in North Leeds. I love to help people understand how their brain and body are connected, and how we can learn to improve our mental health.